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National Platform Serving Diverse Client Base


146 FTEs

Largest Customer

65 FTEs

Largest Program

2 FTEs

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Extensive Hospital Medicine Experience & Knowledge


Cumulative patient encounters
have exceeded


Substantial Savings for Hospital Partners


in customer savings

Substantial Savings for Hospital Partners


in customer savings


Case Studies

Commitment to Delivering Long-Term Partnerships

Apogee started this relationship with a single program employing 7 FTEs.

10 years later, Apogee operates 19 programs and employs nearly 150 FTEs for this system.

Fueling this success is Apogee’s superior performance.

Organic Program Growth

Apogee was initially hired to manage a 10 FTE unit.

6 years later, Apogee employs and manages a 65 FTE team.

Illustrative of the quality of service delivered and the confidence referring physicians have in Apogee, since 2013 our average new program FTE count increased 52%

Displacing a Competitor

Despite the predecessor’s recruiting struggles and high locums utilization over a 5-year period, Apogee had the program fully staffed within 10 months.

Apogee’s GMLOS impact was immediate and meaningful.


The Apogee Difference

Physician-Owned, Physician Operated

Apogee provides organizational stability and a supportive physician-led senior team. Our Hospitalists report directly to other physicians who have worked in hospitals and understand the practice of medicine. Additionally, our physicians are given the opportunity to network with some of the brightest leaders in Hospitalist medicine from programs across the country.

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Superior Recruiting Engine

New programs were


recruited within 6 months


of positions filled

Impeccable Staffing & Efficient Resource Utilization


of shifts covered since Apogee's founding


of shifts are covered by non-locums

Excellent Patient Service


Proprietary End-to-End IT Platform


Professional Development & Clinical Training


Dedicated Coding & Compliance Team