Our Culture

Hospitalists are much more than a group of qualified, capable clinicians who care for patients in the hospital. Hospitalists should be driving partners of the inpatient care delivery.

Apogee Hospitalists hold themselves to an even higher standard, a standard where complete safety and highest quality are expectations, not goals. Only then can physicians and nurses focus on patient care from the patient’s point of view.

The Apogee Promise is a systematic commitment to the most important person we know, our patient. The Apogee Promise foundation is four key concepts: Safety, Service, Quality, and Value.

  • Safety

    We define safety as the absence of avoidable harm. It is a travesty that medical errors are the fifth leading cause of death in this country today.

  • Quality

    Quality is perhaps the most overused word in healthcare today. Apogee defines quality as making the best practice the common practice.

  • Service

    We are in the only business I can think of where the customer has no idea if the product they receive is any good. However, patients know in an instant whether you care about them. No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care. Our patients deserve great health care experiences, brought to them by a passionate group of folks who hold themselves to the highest possible standard, Apogee’s standards.

  • Value

    We must be conscious stewards of the health care dollars we command. Resources are not unlimited and we are tasked with doing great and noble things on a tightening budget. Apogee Physicians will always be an active conservationist of health care dollars, but this will never be at the patient’s expense.

  • Our Philosophy

    What’s best for the patient is best for the practice. ™

    More than any single attribute, our culture is most responsible for our group’s success. Apogee’s unique culture is a combination of our values, philosophies, beliefs, morals, and goals. Our guiding vision of What’s best for the patient is best for the practice ™ gave rise to a belief system that puts our patients and doctors first.

  • Intensity & Investments

    Apogee exemplifies intensity and investment. Good enough never is. It is a recipe for mediocrity. We do not tolerate mediocrity at any level. Investment is a monetary contribution with the expectation of greater reward. At Apogee, our greatest investment is in our people. This led us to develop the most advanced and intensive Hospitalist training program in the world, Apogee University, where physicians learn how to be real Hospitalists.

  • Integrity & Leadership

    Apogee exemplifies integrity and leadership. Integrity is the courage to stand for what you know is right, the strength to turn words into action, and the conviction to see it through. Leadership is the will to give more of yourself than you receive in return. Putting the needs of others ahead of your own. An opportunity to accomplish, together with others, what would be impossible for any individual alone.

  • Teamwork & Passion

    Apogee is a symbol of teamwork and passion. Teamwork is realizing that nothing great has ever been accomplished by a single person working alone. Passion is the heart of excellence. It is what turns good into great.